This workshop aims at identifying common research themes in Europe and Japan, in selected domains of research on 2D materials.

After the successful isolation of graphene, two dimensional one-atom-thick carbon sheet, by Andre Geim and Konstantin Novoselov in 2004, graphene has been one of the most important central issues not only in basic science but also in cutting-edge nanotechnology. The unconventional electronic properties, in which the electrons and holes having a feature of massless Dirac fermion play an important role, have attracted enthusiastic attentions of physicists. A variety of chemical functionalities of graphene are the important target for chemists. The extremely high mobility of the electron moving on one-atom thick layer of graphene can be utilized for electronics/spintronics device applications of next generation. The highest thermal conductivity of any materials points to its potential use as an on-chip heat spreader. Transparent graphene sheets having an extreme mechanical strength are promising for industrial materials.

Currently, what has been found in graphene has greatly stimulated scientists to work with other two dimensional materials such as silicene, black phosphorus, transition metal dichalcogenides, and a new research field of two dimensional atomic layer materials has emerged which covers physics, chemistry, materials science, electronic engineering. In the globe, many big projects have been propelled, in which not only academia but also industries are involved, in order to collaborate between researchers having activities on different basis and to transfer what is obtained in basic science to industries. Here it is important to make international collaborations to enhance the development of this area.

Under the scope mentioned above, the Japan-EU Workshop on Graphene and Related 2D Material aims at starting scientific exchanges and cooperation between the researchers in EU and Japan under the supports of CREST Project (JST) “Development of Atomic or Molecular Two-Dimensional Functional Films and Creation of Fundamental Technologies for Their Applications”, Aoba Foundation for the Promotion of Engineering, and Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research on Innovative Areas (MEXT) “Science of Atomic Layers” on the Japan side, and Graphene Flagship on the EU side.